Monday, June 22, 2009

36th Anniversary IPA

This year, our good friend Aaron turns 36 years old. His favorite beer is a hoppy beer. He has a summer party every year around his birthday, so we chatted and decided Dayton Road Brewing would supply 5 gallons of a hop bomb for the festivities.

Here's the recipe:

12.75 lb. American 2-row
1 lb. Crystal 10
1/2 lb. German Wheat (head retention)
.25 lb. Crystal 40

1. Magnum 14% - 60 min.
2. Centenial 7% - 10 min.
3. Simcoe - 12% - 5 min.
4. Amarillo - 9% - flame out

Yeast: Reusing the yeast cake from the Gumball Head - California Ale White Labs

OG: 1.057 - this should work out to my advantage. The expected OG for this beer was around 1.073, which was guessing this beer would turn out around a 7%. I wanted a lower ABV than that, so I'm hoping we get around the low 6 range.

The brew session went well. I did this the same time as I did the wheat. I really don't like doing two beers at once. It reminds me of having to watch two kids at once who are running around getting into things. I was sparging the grains, and forgot to close the faucet on the keg.. so I look over and wort is leaking all over my driveway. I fixed that, then I realized, I forgot to put my bazooka screen tube in, to keep the hops from siphoning into the carboy. A few other things went wrong this brew session, but overall, it went OK. The best part - the beer is fermenting like crazy and smells awesome. I plan to rack this beer to a secondary, where it will sit until I keg it - probably a week before the party. If you know me, and are reading this.. and you ask nicely, you may get to sample this prior to the party. Just, whatever you do, do NOT tell Aaron. Luckily, he doesn't read this blog. :) We'll be sure to save enough for his party.. but come on, we've gotta sample it!!

So, happy birthday in advance AJ. In celebration of your 36th year on this planet, this beers for you!

Blowin' Raspberries Wheat

My daughter Madalyn, started this thing we call "blowin' raspberries" a few weeks ago. She sticks her tongue out, clenches her lips tight and blows as hard as she can, spraying spit all over anyone close to her. I don't think there's any harm in it, and at 5 months old, I guess it can be considered cute. Anyhow, we've been saying it so much, it inspired the name for my next beer.

Now, a lot of guys say "Oh, fruit beers are ok, but I can't drink a lot of them." I used to say that myself, not wanting to sound like a sissy. Last week, I went to Andersons and picked out a few Raspberry Wheat beers to try. I chilled them all, only planning on tasting one. I admit, I loved them so much, I drank all of them that night. They are a perfect beer for a hot summers day.

I bought a 55 lb. bag of wheat in spring proclaiming this to be the "Summer of Wheats." I've done a few recipes using wheat now, and there's still a huge bag left, so I need to get brewing and do more of them! I took the base of this recipe from Jamil/Palmers Brewing Classic Styles book. Here's the quick run down:

5.6 lb. German Wheat
5.6 lb. American 2-Row
1/2 lb. Crystal 10

Hops: 1 oz. Willamette 5% AA
Yeast: White Labs WLP 320 - American Hefeweizen Ale
Expected ABV 5.8%

I've done wheat type beers before, and I know they ferment like crazy. Like an idiot, I didn't use a blowoff tube, and came home to a mess. Luckily, the airlock stayed somewhat intact and I think the beer is salvageable. It's still fermenting like mad and smells great.

Post fermentation, I'm going to rack it to a secondary, where I'll be adding 5 lbs. of Oregon Raspberry Puree. I'll let that sit for 7-10 days. I'll probably strain that to a keg and let it carbonate from there.

When we tap this beer, I'm have Madalyn lead the DRB in a chorus of "Blowin' Raspberries" the entire evening.. or, at least until bed time. :)

Gumball Head Clone

If you ever get a chance to pick one of these beers up, I'd strongly suggest it. Gumball Head is an American Wheat recipe, loaded with hops and fermented with California Ale yeast. It has a smooth crisp hop bite to it, but it goes down like a summer wheat beer. A fantastic summer beer for the hop head. I made this beer a few weeks back. I kegged the first 5 gallons and dry hopped right in the keg, by tying a string onto a hop bag and letting it sit for a week. The beer smells and tastes fantastic. As I write this, I'm drooling for a pint. :)

Anyhow, here's the recipe. This is a 10 gallon batch, which I'd suggest making because the first 5 gallons is going to be gone before you know it. The next 5, I plan on keeping to myself!

Three Floyds Gumball Head Clone (Hopped up Wheat Ale)

US White Wheat Malt - 13.50 lb
US 2-Row Malt - 8.50 lb
US Caramel Vienne 20L Malt - 1.50 lb

US Amarillo 9.4 % 1.50 oz - First Wort Hopped
US Amarillo 9.4 % 1.50 oz - 30 Min From End
US Amarillo 9.4 % 1.50 oz - 15 Min From End
US Amarillo 9.4 % 1.50 oz - 5 Min From End
US Amarillo 9.4 % 2.00 oz - Dry-Hopped

Yeast: White Labs WLP051-California Ale V

OG: 1.062 - 6.6% ABV.