Monday, June 22, 2009

Gumball Head Clone

If you ever get a chance to pick one of these beers up, I'd strongly suggest it. Gumball Head is an American Wheat recipe, loaded with hops and fermented with California Ale yeast. It has a smooth crisp hop bite to it, but it goes down like a summer wheat beer. A fantastic summer beer for the hop head. I made this beer a few weeks back. I kegged the first 5 gallons and dry hopped right in the keg, by tying a string onto a hop bag and letting it sit for a week. The beer smells and tastes fantastic. As I write this, I'm drooling for a pint. :)

Anyhow, here's the recipe. This is a 10 gallon batch, which I'd suggest making because the first 5 gallons is going to be gone before you know it. The next 5, I plan on keeping to myself!

Three Floyds Gumball Head Clone (Hopped up Wheat Ale)

US White Wheat Malt - 13.50 lb
US 2-Row Malt - 8.50 lb
US Caramel Vienne 20L Malt - 1.50 lb

US Amarillo 9.4 % 1.50 oz - First Wort Hopped
US Amarillo 9.4 % 1.50 oz - 30 Min From End
US Amarillo 9.4 % 1.50 oz - 15 Min From End
US Amarillo 9.4 % 1.50 oz - 5 Min From End
US Amarillo 9.4 % 2.00 oz - Dry-Hopped

Yeast: White Labs WLP051-California Ale V

OG: 1.062 - 6.6% ABV.


Scott M. Bort said...
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Rob Gorczyca said...

Basically just split the ingredients in half. I doubled the one I found online for a 10 gallon.

6 3/4 lb. Wheat
4 1/4 lb. 2-Row
3/4 lb. Vienna 20

Hops - split in half.

If you google around too, there are extract versions of this recipe. Probably more out there than the all grain version. My friend made one with extract and he said it came out fantastic.

Gumball Head is awesome beer, but I'm telling you - I liked this clone better than the actual version. Clones always come out a bit different. Mine in this case, came out, in my opinion, hoppier and tastier. It was a huge hit - 10 gallons were gone quickly. :)