Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cherry Blonde

Took 5 gallons of the Blonde ale and put it on 5 lbs. of canned cherries in cherry syrup. Going to let it sit for 10 days and rack it to a keg. Should be a nice dessert beer to go with my turkey dinner. :)

M-Go-Blonde Ale!

I just realized I'm several batches behind on this blog. I'll try to catch up. :)
The latest beer to go on tap is my M-Go-Blonde Ale, that I brewed a couple of weeks ago. It's basically an American Blonde Ale. I decided to have a chili cook-off with a few friends for the UM vs. OSU game, and thought the Blonde would be go very nice with chili. I had a sample last night, and it came out fantastic. Very light, thin body, easy drinking.

Here's the recipe -

18.50 lb. 2-Row
1 lb. Crystal 10

2 oz. Willamette

Wyeast American ale 1056
OG: 1053
FG: ?? - My hydrometer broke! I am going to figure it out with my refractometer, but until then.. I actually brought the grains down on this to keep it right @ 5%. I'd say it turned out right around there. I'll post back when I get an actual reading.