Monday, April 20, 2009

#27 and counting...

Someone recently asked me how many batches of beers I've brewed. I never actually counted. So I went through all of my blog posts and tallied them up. 27 I just did last week, and have yet to blog on it. It seems like more. Probably because some of those batches lasted a lot longer than normal, because they were 10 gallon batches. Anyhow, I thought that was interesting. Here's the list with a note by each:

Porter - first batch. Brewers Best kit. Yuck.
ESB - Awesome. We drank this fast.
Christmas Ale - Excellent. Two bottles left.
Wheat - Good. Gone quick.
Cherry Wheat - Even better. Very cherry.
Oatmeal Stout - Good. Few bottles left.
IPA - Two Hearted clone. Gone quick.
80 Shilling Scottish Ale - For St. Pats last year. Was very good.
PBR Clone - Crap. What the hell was I thinking?!
Cream Ale - First all grain. Very good. 10 gallon batch went very fast.
Saison - Excellent. Still have some bottles I'm aging.
Weizenbock - Good. Too strong, but good.
Cherry Dunkel - Crap. Though people drank it. Dumped 1 gallon.
Apricot Wheat - Awesome. Bottled half, kegged half, everyone gobbled this up.
IPA - Awesome on tap, bottles had something funk happen to them. Still good both ways.
Pale Ale - Experiment using fresh hops. Didn't work, but beer was good.
Blonde Ale - Awesome.
Porter - Awesome.
Christmas Ale 2008 - Blah. Bottles seem to be tasting better over time.
Mild - Awesome. Went really fast over the winter.
Bourbon Brown Oak Aged - Awesome. Best beer so far. Lots of bottles left - saving for a competition or two.
Sweet Stout - Excellent, still on tap.
Irish Red - Very good, very malty - best Irish Red I've ever had I'd have to say.
Sour Beer - Aging for a long time.
ESB - A little less on the "B" but pretty good. My favorite on tap now.
Maibock - Be done by May 1st-ish.
Belgian Pale Ale - Freshly brewed and bubbling! More to come on this batch.